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Warehouses and factories in Western North Carolina are hiring workers for picking, packaging, and packing jobs right now. If you have been looking for local jobs, let the employment specialists at Friday Staffing do the searching for you. We can help you get work fast and will not charge you a fee. Apply online for packing jobs near Asheville, Fletcher, Arden, Brevard, Mills River, Hendersonville, Clyde, Flat Rock, Etowah, Morganton and surrounding areas.


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Types of Picking, Packing, and Packaging Jobs

There are many kinds of factory jobsfactory jobs and warehouse jobs available for pickers, packers, and packagers. Job requirements and duties will vary depending on the position and employer. Here are two sample job descriptions that will give you an idea of what many employers are looking for when they are hiring for picking, packing, and packaging jobs.

Picking and Packing Jobs

Pickers move manufactured parts from conveyer belts to assembly lines. Pickers also sometimes pack finished products into containers. Identifying and removing defective parts or products from the line is a job task that may be assigned to pickers. Entry-level picking and packing jobs offer work experience you can use to build a career in manufacturing.

Packaging Jobs

Packagers pack products or materials, inspect packaged products, and verify that all packing specifications have been met. A worker in a packaging job may need to measure, weigh, and count products and materials. Basic computer skills are often necessary as you may be charged with the task of keeping detailed records about product counts or order information. Packaging workers are also often needed to pack, label, and seal products using glues or hand tools.

The Job Placement Process

Getting a good packing job can be as easy as filling out an application on our website. We personally review and respond to each application submitted within 24 business hours. Once we review your skills and experience our staffing experts will begin matching you with available packaging jobs, picking jobs, or packing jobs.

Our goal is to get everyone through the job placement process as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. When you are placed in a picking job, we’ll make sure you understand what is expected of you before your first day at work. Once you are a member of the Friday Staffing team, you will be eligible for holiday pay, paid vacations, and a number of other great benefits. Apply today!