Phenolic Machine Operator Fletcher NC

Location:  Fletcher
Industry:  Factory Jobs
Fletcher company with IMMEDIATE positions open!!
$14/hr, with 5 days off every 3 weeks, overtime avaialble!
Continuous physical exertion is required, such as walking/pushing/climbing and lifting material or equipment of heavy weight (>50 lbs) Examples: grounds staff and EMS
1. Operate the phenolic treated material re-winder safely.
2. Monitor and maintain visual quality according to Product Quality Departments’ standards.
3. Insure that the material is rewound properly.
4. Make any necessary adjustments to machine for properly operation and notify checker of any malfunctions.
5. Remove completed rewinds and stage in staging area.
6. Record all needed information on log.
7. Perform Oracle functions on computer for each job.
8. Regular Attendance Required.
Performs other position appropriate duties as required in a competent, professional and courteous manner.
Knowledge of safety standards applicable to Phenolic Department and other pertinent rules/regulations governing work standards.
• Knowledge of hazardous materials and safe handling.
• Knowledge of the operating functions of the re-winder machinery.