Sanding Fletcher NC

Location:  Fletcher
Industry:  Factory Jobs
Characteristics of the Class: Feed the laminate through the sander and layoff the material from the sander under the direction of Sander Operator. Perform other tasks as required.
Essential Job Functions:
• Retrieve the pressed material from the breakdown holding area
• Operate table lift to position the material to be sanded
• Activate feed line, edge routing and end cut
• Insert individual laminate into the sander
• Cut material to specific sizes
• Adjust machine controls
• Off load exiting laminate sheets individually to the lay off table
• Conduct visual quality check of completed laminate during the process
• Inspect material against set specifications and pattern defects
• Pull from process any imperfect product onto off load table
• Place the finished product in the holding area to be delivered to the Finished Goods Department
• Transfer production schedule to the off load table
• Document the amount of material waste
• Place a new table at the sander to continue the process
• Perform lock-out/tag-out procedures and preventative maintenance checks
• Initiate corrective action if production operations are not to standard
• Insure employees are wearing protective equipment as required or when handling hazardous materials
• Provide on the job training to department personnel
• Prepare material for production process by laying up, separating dry kraft and wax paper, etc
• Regular attendance required
Marginal Job Functions:
• Attend meetings, including safety, goal, Total Quality, etc
• Maintain a clean and safe work environment
• Fill in at other positions and operate miscellaneous machinery required
• Follow all ISO and ORACLE procedures for the Sanding Department
• Insure accuracy of product scheduled with product produced
Education and Experience: High School diploma or equivalent.
Knowledge and Skills:
Knowledge of safety standards applicable to the work area and other pertinent rules/regulations governing work standards. Knowledge of the level of quality material must meet. Knowledge of basic mathematics sufficient to add and subtract. Knowledge of hazardous materials and waste including safe handling procedures. Skill in hand-eye coordination. Skill in reading a tape measure. Skill in using a micrometer. Skill in operating a lift truck. Skill in establishing effective working relationships with other personnel. Ability to retain information. Ability to learn to read and accurately
record information on a production schedule/logs. Ability to understand and follow directions. Ability to work independently without close supervision and as a team member. Ability to be safety conscious when
operating machinery. Ability to identify colors and shades. Ability to visually detect product imperfections and defects. Ability to learn to monitor machine operations and operate a computer.
Physical Requirements: Very Heavy work. Tasks involves pushing / pulling 140lbs of material, lifting from floor to mid-thigh 10lbs, lifting 20lbs from mid-thigh to shoulder, lifting 10lbs from shoulder to overhead level, carrying 20lbs, standing and walking during a minimum ten hour shift.