Metal Fabrication Granite Falls NC

Location:  Granite Falls
Industry:  Factory Jobs
Position Summary:
The primary responsibility for a material handling welder/fabricator is the welding and fabrication of material handling equipment.
Essential Duties:
Fabricate material handling equipment to dimensions specified on production drawings
Fabricate products according to within 1/16 of an inch maximum variance on all dimensions. Sight-line tolerances are less than the 1/16 variance standard, and acceptable variance for sight-lines is at the discretion of the Production Manager and/or Shop Lead.
Fabricate products according to internal efficiency standards. Acceptable fabrication times may vary by unit type and size. Times will be set by Production Manager, and each product must be fabricated within the allotted time limits.
Utilize tooling as needed to meet drawing requirements.
Adhere to shop working hours, starting promptly at shift beginnings.
Work efficiently in a fast paced manufacturing environment.
Collaborate with a diverse team on a variety of manufacturing tasks.
Complete assigned tasks with quality, accuracy and attention to detail.
Consistently follow supervisor directives in all regular duties and other assigned tasks.
Adhere to all company policy and procedures, including safety protocol.
Complete tasks with minimal supervision.
Required Skills:
TIG and MIG welding experience on steel and aluminum.
Able to read a ruler a must.
Able to build complex assemblies accurately and efficiently from production drawings.
Proficient with general metal working tools – grinders, sanders, saws, drill press, etc…
Complete a standardized internal welding test.
Once hired, each new Metal Fabricator will be paired with an experienced Metal Fabricator to complete one unit. After that unit is complete, the new employee will receive a set of fabrication drawings to build a unit by themselves. If the new
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employee is unable to complete the unit according to internal accuracy and efficiency standards, their employment may be terminated.
Working Conditions:
Work in a manufacturing plant environment and in the field in a variety of residential and commercial environments, often with limited HVAC, concrete floors, and exposure to industrial noise, dust, chemicals, and temperature changes. Normal plant operation is 6:00am – 2:30pm, 5 days a week, and work hours may vary depending on business needs.
Physical Demands:
Must be capable of wearing personal protective equipment necessary to comply with government and company safety standards whenever engineered methods of reducing hazard or physical requirements cannot be reasonably accommodated.
Job includes tasks that require walking, standing, bending, twisting, gripping, stair and ladder climbing, entering confined spaces and occasionally lifting up to 75 lbs.