Assembly Fletcher NC

Location:  Fletcher
Industry:  Factory Jobs, General Labor Jobs
Essential Job Functions:
Make sure table is cleaned off before starting lay up
Assist table leader in acquiring the necessary material needed for each run
Assist the table leader in laying up the run
Prevent any pattern defect (crumbs or dirt) from being laid up
Continually monitor for visual quality
Assist table leader in taking completed run to staging area to vacuum and clean
Satisfy material needs at presses
Fill in for table leader as needed
Regular Attendance Required.
Marginal Job Functions:
Maintain a clean work environment
Follow all safety guidelines
Attend monthly safety and quality meetings
Follow all ISO and ORACLE procedures
Insure accuracy of product scheduled and product produced
Education and Experience: High school diploma or equivalent.
Knowledge and Skills: Knowledge of NEMA standards applicable to Assembly Department. Knowledge of safety standards applicable to Assembly Department and other pertinent rule / regulations governing work standards. Skill in hand / eye coordination.
Physical Requirements: Heavy work. Tasks involves pushing / pulling of material up to 75lbs, lifting up to 20lbs of material to a overhead level, carrying between 20-30lbs and standing and walking during a minimum ten hour shift.