FAQ for Employers: Questions about How Friday Staffing Can Work for Your Company

How will you find employees with the skills I need?

During the onboarding process with our clients, we take steps to understand the skills and qualities you are looking for in each job title. To ensure we will be able to make the best placements possible, we take the time to fully understand all job descriptions including your requirements for:

  • Prior work history (work experience, past job titles held, length of previous employment)
  • Skill set (specific skills required during performance of the job)
  • Skill level (entry-level to advanced)
  • Physical capabilities (essential functions)
  • Educational achievements and training certifications

Our experienced team of staffing professionals has been working in the local Western North Carolina employment market for many decades. Our team will partner with your internal team and offer guidance to make sure that we can help you attract the kind of workers you are looking for. Learn more about the customized staffing solutions we offer to employers.

What kind of skills assessments do you administer to candidates?

All candidates undergo a round of written and/or computer based tests to measure their professional abilities and skills.

  • All candidates for industrial positions must pass a basic math test.
  • All candidates for office jobs must pass a clerical skills assessment including a written grammar test and hands on “prove it testing” that may include a typing test, ten-key test, and Microsoft skills tests for Excel and Word.
  • We may administer other tests. Let us know if you have additional needs for candidate assessments.

Who keeps track of Friday employees’ time worked?

This varies based on each company’s policies and procedures. Some clients use badges and their own internal computer software to track hours. Employees are taught to swipe their badge when they clock in or out.

Other employers use paper time cards. They can fax it, email it, or deliver signed time cards in person. Time cards must be verified and signed by the employee’s supervisor. Some employers prefer for Supervisors to send the signed time cards to us. We will make every effort to make this easy and fit your internal processes and needs.

Can Friday staffers work overtime?

Yes. As long as the requirements fall within the labor law guidelines, employers can set the schedule expectations as they need, including mandatory or optional overtime.

Does Friday Staffing charge a fee for staffing services?

Employers are charged a set “bill rate” on a per employee basis. The bill rate amount will be negotiated and agreed to in your company’s contract with Friday Staffing. We directly bill employers for the hours that a Friday staffing worker completes while on assignment with your company. Out of that bill rate, Friday Staffing pays our employees’ wages plus payroll taxes, insurance, FICA, and unemployment insurance. We also cover workers compensation insurance on each employee.

What schedule are employers billed on?

After employees are paid Friday Staffing then bills employers weekly for the hours that placed workers have completed. If your business needs another payment schedule, please speak with your Friday Staffing representative.

As an client, what are my responsibilities to Friday workers placed at my company?

As a co-employer a client is legally responsible to treat Friday workers in conformance with all federal, state and local laws, rules and guidelines. A client is responsible for the onsite supervision and safety of the employee.

What happens if a Friday Staffing employee is injured on the job at our workplace?

Friday Staffing takes responsibility for workers compensation insurance and will handle all claims for agency workers who are injured on the job at a client’s place of work. In the case of injuries, after all OSHA or other regulatory guidelines and all of your company’s internal workplace injury policies are followed, Friday Staffing will take over management of the workers compensation process. We file all necessary paperwork and manage the employee’s care.

Who is responsible for unemployment, the employer or Friday Staffing Agency?

Friday Staffing is responsible for unemployment for all workers who are employed by our agency. Let’s say the employee works for you for six months and then the assignment ends, or they are released, the unemployment does not get billed to you, it gets billed to Friday Staffing because we are the employer of record.

What do we do if we want to hire a Friday employee on a permanent basis?

At Friday Staffing, our agency’s contracts include the set number of hours that employees are required to work before your company can hire them on permanently. We will discuss contract hours with you as we are establishing our relationship.

You can notify us in advance that you are seeking a “temp to perm” placement, or let us know during an engagement when you’ve decided to hire a placed worker permanently. Once the employee has completed their contract hours, they can be immediately transferred over to your employment. If you want to hire an employee before they have completed their contractually set hours contact us, we do have a buy out procedure available and will negotiate the terms of that buy out with you then.

Do You Have Other Questions?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here please contact us to ask. Our team of experienced staffing professionals will work quickly to get you the answers you need. We strive to offer the same premier service to all employers.