What Good is a Staffing Generalist?

Posted on: August 13, 2018

Just a few of the friendly faces of our Friday Staffing team.

I’m going to be honest; before I began working at Friday Staffing, I had no idea what a “staffing generalist” was, much less what one did. Furthermore, I’d gotten the impression somehow that staffing agencies were a bit of a sham – didn’t they just sort of play a numbers game, where they tried to fill positions with companies with whoever walked in the door so they could make money?

And while my perception might have been founded to a certain extent – there are a few agencies out there who simply work to fill jobs, regardless of whether or not the employee and company are a good fit for one another – most staffing agencies will take the time to ensure that the employee and company relationship will be beneficial, and they’re not out to simply make money from whomever walks through the door. (Remember, a reliable staffing agency will never charge a fee to job seekers; the companies they work with pay for the service. To learn more about what differentiates a good staffing agency from a great one, read our previous blog post here.)

When I interviewed with Friday’s for their marketing position, I was immediately impressed with how much they cared about both their employees and their companies and how much work they put into making sure that they were placing the right person in the right job, every time, just as their mission stated. I knew this was a staffing agency that I would enjoy and be proud of helping to promote.

You may wonder, like I did, what a staffing generalist does and why you should talk to one rather than simply conducting your own job search online. Here’s what I’ve learned about the difference since working here – in fact, I now wish that I’d talked to a staffing generalist years ago and saved myself hours of useless searching and applying that went nowhere!

  • A staffing generalist provides one on one attention. He or she is someone who will take the time to talk to you and find out your interests and needs, then match you with a job that’s perfect for you. When applying for jobs online, you’re dealing with a machine or at best someone reviewing applications who has never met you. Meeting someone in person makes all the difference when matching you to the job that’s RIGHT for you.
  • A staffing generalist establishes solid relationships with companies by building rapport over a period of time. When you’re working alone to finding a job, you might send out endless resumes, and you may or may not land one or two interviews as a result. But even during an interview, it’s hard to tell just what a company is like – will they do what they say? Will they be the type of place where you’ll enjoy working? A staffing generalist can tell you upfront what to expect, so you don’t have to waste time wondering. At Friday’s our generalists are in constant contact with reliable, solid, local companies. They regularly communicate with Human Resource personnel, plant managers and even company owners. They take regular tours of each company, so they know first-hand what each job requires and what the atmosphere is like. When you meet with a staffing generalist at Friday’s, you’ll be able to trust that you’re going to company that will be a good match for what’s important to you, whether it’s working a certain shift, the desire to learn skills on the job so you can move forward in your career, great benefits including health insurance – or all of the above!
  • Our staffing generalists have their finger on the pulse of the local job market and business industry. They regularly attend job fairs and business networking functions. At Friday’s, we deal with regional companies, and we keep informed about what’s going on in the business world of the WNC region. Our SGs are in the know about changes in the market, so we can be a reliable source for you.
  • A Friday’s staffing generalist will go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best possible customer service. I’ve worked at Friday’s for a few months now, and I can say in all honesty that I’ve never seen a group of folks who are as quick to return phone calls, emails and texts promptly. Our staffing generalists are on the ball! Their work ethic is incredible; you’ll never have to sit wondering if someone at Friday’s got your message or when you might get a call back.
  • Even after you land your perfect job, a good staffing generalist will maintain consistent and open lines of communications with both you and the company. A few days after you begin work, you can expect to receive a call from your staffing generalist asking how things are going and to answer any questions you have. And you’ll know that if you encounter any challenges or have any concerns at any time when you work for Friday’s, your staffing generalist will just be a call, text or email away.
  • Remember, our hiring process does take some time, but it is well worth it. You will spend about an hour and a half with us when you interview, because we want to be as thorough as possible in finding the best job for YOU, not simply “fill positions.” So when you schedule an interview with us, be sure to bring two forms of ID, references and your job history. Our friendly and knowledgeable staffing generalist will take it from there, and you’ll know you’re in the best hands!


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By Shannon Quinn